This will be the best week of your child’s summer

From the time we leave to the time your child returns home, we make the commitment to give your child ALL the great memories with yummy food, exciting games, team activities, swimming, life-changing services, and MORE!

Registration Information

Register online at as soon as possible with a $25 dollar deposit for each student.

Spots are limited and will fill up quickly. Your deposit is the only thing that will secure your student(s) spot for camp.

Participants will register for the grade completed in Spring 2024.

CAMP 1 (K - 5th Grade) | JUNE 17th - 19th

Camp will be from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, as camp for this age range will NOT be overnight. 

Students may be dropped off at 8:00 AM and picked up at 6:00 PM.

CAMP 2 (6th - 12th) | JUNE 19th - 22nd

Check-in will be at 5:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration At Camp

- Parents enter the parking area (first right into the campgrounds). Please keep the drop-off process quickly as there are limited parking spaces.

- You and your child will enter the Large Hall through the front to check-in.

**All forms, outstanding balances, medication, and housing MUST be completed and confirmed before your child may participate.**

Dismissal At Camp

All vehicles picking up will pick up their student via the pick up line


To ensure the safety of all camp attendees, no visitors will be allowed on the campground, except for emergencies

Early Check-Out Procedure

No campers are to leave the campgrounds unless in the case of emergency or pre-approved departure. All departures from camp MUST be approved by camp staff.

- Please notify the camp prior to the student being picked up. If you know before camp, you will fill out an early checkout form that can be turned in during check-in

- We ask only the parent/guardian on the registration form to pick up. If another adult needs to pick up your child, please contact the staff prior. The parent/guardian or individual will need to show I.D. before we release the student

What are the prices for camps?

K - 5th Grade Camp
Early Registration: $175 (Available September 17th, 2023 - May 26th, 2024)
Registration after May 26th, 2023 through Camp: $190
Sibling Discount: 10%

6th - 12th Grade Camp
Early Registration: $190 (Available September 17th, 2023 - May 26th, 2024)
Registration after May 26th through Camp: $215
Sibling Discount: 10%

How many kids and leaders are on a team and what are teams like?

Each team has approximately 10-12 students and 2 trained leaders. Teams give your student(s) the opportunity to build life-long friendships and closeness to God together through daily planned activities, games, obstacle course competition, lake day, and s'more's night!

How are leaders selected?

Leaders are trained and committed team leaders who have a heart to help children develop into strong followers of Christ, while helping your student(s) have fun and foster friendships.

Each leader is a volunteer who has completed a process which included a:
- Completed and approved volunteer application
- Criminal background check
- And mandatory camp orientation

What are services like?

Fun skits, entertaining videos, crazy games, and engaging worship make up our daily services that are designed to help students experience God in a way that will be life-changing.

What kind of food will be prepared?

Our food team will prepare three well-balanced meals and two additional snacks daily. Should there be any dietary restrictions, please provide the information in the registration form.

Will there be swimming?

Yes! The campground has a beautiful spring with tons of water activities including a slip and slide and blob. Whether your child is a strong swimmer or not, a life vest MUST be provided and worn at all times. We will have staff and a lifeguard on duty during swimming activities.

How are medications handled?

We will have nurses onsite that will disburse your students medication as needed. All personal medications (over the counter, prescribed, vitamins, herbs, essential oils and enzymes) MUST have a doctor's order and be brought in  the original pharmacy labeled container or original manufacturers container to the first aid station at check-in.

- The campers name MUST be on all original containers
- Please limit medications to only what is required for the camper's team
- Please inform of any allergies and medical conditions during registration and at the first aid station during check-in

What TO BRING and NOT TO BRING to camp

- Bedding: pillow, sleeping bag or twin bedding, etc.

- Swim towel, shower towel, and washcloths

- Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush & toothpaste, deodorant

- Clothes:
- One piece swimsuit/swim trunks
- Pajamas
- 5-6 pairs of underwear
- 5-6 pairs of socks (may get dirty or wet)
- 2 old shirts for activities
- 2 old shorts for activities
- 3 pairs of shirts and shorts/pants for service
- 1 pair of closed-toed shoes for games/activities (will get dirty)
- 1 pair of shoes for service/free time
- 1 pair of flip-flops for shower/pool

- Bible, notebook, pen

- Additional items: snacks for purchase at Snack Shack for youth, bug spray, and sunscreen

- Personal electronics (including video game devices, iPods, MP3 players, ear pods, etc.)

- Crop tops, two piece swimwear, spaghetti strap tanks, articles of clothing displaying questionable content

- Food items (meals/snacks will be provided)

- Weapons (firearms, knives, fireworks, matches, etc.)

- Illegal substances/tobacco and alcohol products

- A bad attitude

- Place each set of recreation clothes/service clothes in gallon ziploc bags marked "Day 1 recreation," "Day 1 service," etc.

- Write your child(s) name on the inside of all clothing (including shoes), towels, and washcloths

- Pack travel size shampoo/conditioner/soap that will be easy for your child to carry to and from the shower

- Talk to your child about what items could be thrown away at camp (ruined socks, half used soap, etc.)

- You may even want to practice camp at home so your child knows what to take and use in the shower, brushing their teeth, etc.

Where is the campground and what are the facilities like?

Bridge Camp is located on the amazing grounds at Camp Endeavor just 20 minutes east of Bridge Church in Dundee.

The campgrounds include a large hall, cafeteria, leader's lodge, natural spring, separate boys' and girls' dorms with indoor showers and toilets.

Your child will be housed with their teammates and leaders in bunk style dorms.

Other rules and regulations

We reserve the right to inspect contents of personal belongings if due cause arises.

Improper contents will be held by camp staff and returned to parent/guardian(s) at the end of camp.

All campers will be expected to observe habits of personal hygiene, respect for camp staff and other campers, and refrain from using inappropriate language, including cursing and crude humor.

Charges for items broken/damaged or stolen will be billed to the parties/individual involved.

If a child is sent home early due to sickness, behavior, or discipline issues, should camp leadership determine it necessary, there will be no refund given.

Camp and phone policy

When writing to your student(s) at camp, send your letters to:
[Student's Name]
Sertoma Camp Endeavor
1300 Camp Endeavor Blvd
Dundee, FL 33838

To ensure mail arrives on time, please mail your letter 1-2 days before camp. We are not responsible to forward late arriving mail

We strongly discourage cell phones during our camp stay as this is a time for spiritual growth and relationship building. The usage of cell phones can distract us from the very reason for this special week. We also understand the reassurance a cell phone offers between parent and child. Therefore, these are the stipulations concerning cell phone usage during camp:

- Cell phones will be kept with your student(s) camp counselor until recreational time and bedtime or in the event of an emergency

- If your student is seen with their phone outside those scheduled times, the phone will be confiscated

- We will not be responsible for damaged, broken, or stolen cell phones